4 Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Closing

Garage doors are designed to simply go up and down and keep your garage closed off from the outdoors. Although garage doors only have one basic job, if their parts aren’t all working properly, your garage door can’t perform its job. Although your garage door has a pretty basic function, any number of problems can occur with it. Maybe it’s closed and won’t open or maybe its open and won’t close. Also, your garage door may start to close and then raise back up or it may only close halfway and then stop.


Here are 4 reasons your garage door may not be closing:


  1. Something is in the way. This seems like an obvious problem, but it’s often the most overlooked! If something is blocking the door, closing all the way won’t be possible. There are multiple places where the door may be blocked. The most obvious place to look is the floor. Check for any objects or debris. The door could also be blocked up by the tracks.


  1. Sensor issues. A pair of sensors sit on either side of the garage door down by the floor. They face each other and the primary purpose of the sensors is to determine if anything is in the way of the garage door. The sensors talk to each other by sending a infrared signal. If either or both of the sensors are not receiving power or if they are malfunctioning and are constantly sending a signal that something is blocking the door even if it isn’t, your garage door will fail to close all the way. Sensors can be repaired or replaced without having to replace the entire garage door system.


  1. Sensors out of alignment. Your sensors could be functioning properly, but may be out of alignment. This will cause the sensors to send a constant signal to the garage door that something is in the way, causing it to not close. This is a common issue, as it is easy for sensors to be bumped and knocked out of alignment. Many sensors come with a light, letting you know if they are out of alignment or not. Generally, if the light is flashing this means the sensors are misaligned. This is usually a problem you can correct yourself by simply moving the sensors back to the proper position.


  1. Broken or worn out springs. Your garage door system is built by using two different types of springs. These are typically located on a tube above the garage door or on the side of the horizontal tracks. If any of these springs are broken or damaged, the door may not be able to function properly. Taking a look at the springs yourself will usually give you a good idea as to whether or not the springs are damaged or broken. If you notice that your springs need to be replaced or if you are unsure, it’s important to call for a professional to come perform the necessary repairs.

If you are consistently having problems with your garage door not working properly and believe that any of these issues may be the culprit, it’s important to have a professional come out to perform your repairs. For a reputable garage door repair and installation specialist you can trust, call Covenant Garage Doors at 770-720-7828 or book online in just 3 clicks.

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  1. Thank you! Garage door malfunctions can quickly spell disaster if they’re not handled properly, This guide could spare so many homeowners a major headache.

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