All We Do Are Garage Doors.

Roofing companies doing garage doors. Electricians doing garage doors. Siding companies, plumbers, painters, handy men, and just the other day I saw a first, a fence company.

It seems that everybody these days thinks that they can make it installing or repairing garage doors and openers. Today there are more companies listed for on search engines for garage doors and openers than we have ever seen and a great many of them are not companies devoted to just repairing or replacing garage doors. We see the evidence of this in other ways that often times are detrimental to the homeowner. We see this when we make a service call to a home and see terrible sloppy or incorrect work done by someone previously. When inquiring, the homeowner tells us that it was done one the other companies that do garage door work on the side or as an extra to their regular work. They then have to pay us to repair it correctly.

Covenant Garage Doors made the decision many years ago to devote ourselves to the sole practice of repairing or replacing garage doors and garage door openers. This is greatly beneficial to the homeowner as that we have all our experience to their concern, we are able to learn and keep up with product updates, and negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers, all to the help the homeowner.

When calling Covenant Garage Doors & Openers, homeowners can be assured that they will get a company that is devoted to just their concern and nothing else.

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