Garage Door Replacement Information

When replacing garage doorshomeowners have many options ranging from economical one-sided steel doors to custom carriage-style doors. Our technicians will be able to show you several garage door options for a new garage door installation. They can also help you determine the best way to move forward if your current door is damaged whether that is replacing your garage door or fixing it.

There are many factors that can affect the installation of a garage door; that is why we send a qualified technician out to your home to conduct a free thorough estimate before ordering new doors.  Keep in mind that most damaged garage doors can be repaired and this option may be right for you.

Below are general descriptions of most garage doors available in the market. There are many different styles and decorative finishes. Most garage doors come in several color options and hardware designs to match your existing home or offer a new element of curb appeal.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please give us a call or visit one of our manufacturers’ websites.

Garage Door Manufacturers

Types Of Garage Doors

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Garage Door Manufacturers’ Websites:

Economical with 25 or 26 gauge construction and can be used in most applications.


  • 15 years on the door sections
  • 5 years hardware
  • 2 years labor

A 2 inch door with polystyrene insulation secured in place with a urethane adhesive to increase structural integrity. The front and back skins are locked together in a tongue and groove design for years of worry free protection. These doors come with an “R” value of 8.8 to 15.7 for excellent weather reduction.


  • Lifetime on the door sections
  • 5 years hardware
  • 2 years labor

With the rise in popularity of the carriage style look, all manufacturers have designed doors for that unique look; both economical and ones that offer multiple patterns that come in all types and styles, insulated and non-insulated, with windows and without.


  • Section warranties vary with style chosen
  • 5 years hardware
  • 2 years labor

Still very popular, these doors allow you to choose any way you want your door to look with the beauty of several wood types from which to choose, including Heart Pine, Poplar, Western Red Cedar, Cypress, and Hemlock.

Covenant Garage Doors can help you choose the best new door option for your home in the North Metro Atlanta area.

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