Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door springs support the weight of your garage door and are the component of your door that allow it to open and close. Whether you open and close your door manually by hand or with an automatic garage door opener, your garage door utilizes springs to allow it to open and close. Because your garage door is used so frequently, sometimes the springs can break. In this case, you don’t have to replace your entire door. Instead, you can opt for garage door spring repair or replacement. For many families, the garage door is the most frequently used door in the home. This creates a lot of wear and tear on your garage door springs. Although these springs are heavy duty and durable, they aren’t made to last forever and will eventually need to be repaired. At Covenant Garage Doors, we have over two decades of experience in the garage door industry and are highly skilled at garage door spring repair and replacement. We boast a team of highly skilled and professional technicians and our aim is to fix your garage door springs on our initial visit and get your garage door working again quickly.

Garage door springs come in different levels of quality and are described using terms like 10,000-use or 20,000-use. While these seem like high numbers, you have to think about how many times per year your garage door is opened and closed. Those numbers add up quickly! For example, if you leave and return to your home once a day, each day every year, your garage door is opened and closed four times a day, 365 times. That’s 1,460 uses in just one year! For 10,000 use springs, this means that your springs could potentially need to be repaired or replaced in seven years.

There are a couple different types of garage door springs. These are called torsion or extension springs. Torsion springs are durable, heavy duty springs that are mounted to a metal rod running parallel to the garage door just above the garage door opening. These springs are loaded with a twisting action. When the garage door closes, cables attached to the bottom corners of the door pull on pulleys that are attached to the metal rod that the springs are mounted on. The pulleys turn the rod, twisting the spring and creating tension. When you open the door, a reverse action happens and the springs untwist and the door is lifted. Extension springs are longer and lighter weight springs that run perpendicular to the door instead of parallel. These springs are mounted above the horizontal parts of the door tracks. These springs create tension by being stretched out using cables and pulleys. Because these springs are suspended and not mounted to a rod, they require a safety cable that runs through each spring. If you have an older model garage door and your extension springs do not have safety cables, you should have them installed. These safety cables can help protect you, your family, and your vehicles in case of a broken spring.

When your garage door springs begin to age and show signs of normal wear and tear, the garage door begins to become heavier, in a sense. Brand new garage door springs take approximately ten pounds of force to raise your garage door. With older springs that are in need of repair or replacement, it may take significantly more force to raise the door. Garage doors are incredibly heavy and if your garage door springs aren’t functioning properly, your garage door can become a serious safety hazard.

By ignoring garage door springs that need to be replaced, you may also cause damage to your garage door opener. If your garage door springs are beginning to fail, your garage door opener has to work harder. A good sign that your springs may need to be repaired is a garage door opener that begins to make unusual noises. Another obvious sign that your garage door springs need to be replaced is a broken spring that causes your door to suddenly drop. A spring breaking is very loud and sounds similar to a gunshot. If you’ve got a broken spring, your garage door will be incredibly heavy to raise manually by hand, and your automatic garage door opener may not be able to lift the door at all. In this case, your car may become stuck inside until you have the garage door springs replaced.

If you believe that you have a broken spring, its important that you don’t disconnect the garage door opener from the door by pulling the red release handle while the door is open. This can cause your garage door to slam shut with full force, an incredibly dangerous occurrence. If you are unable to close the door, its important that you block the track on both sides of the door so that it cannot move. This ensures that family, friends, pets, and valuables don’t become caught in the path of a quickly falling garage door.

Its incredibly important to leave garage door spring replacement to the professionals. By attempting to replace the springs yourself, you could unintentionally cause additional damage to other parts of your garage door or garage door opener, leading to expensive repairs. Its also incredibly dangerous to work with such heavy duty springs and such heavy equipment if you aren’t properly trained.

At Covenant Garage Doors, we’ve been in business for over twenty-three years, and are highly trained and skilled in garage door spring replacement. Our goal is to always replace your garage door springs on our initial visit so that your broken springs don’t cause you any unnecessary frustrations or hassles. If your metro Atlanta home needs garage door spring replacement, give us a call today for the best service in town.

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