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Like thousands of other people, you get in your car this morning and hit the garage door remote to open the garage door to leave and nothing. Maybe you did not hit the button long enough so you try again.


You get out of your car and go over to the wall button and try from there.


Great. You are already late for work, or you just need to get out to go to the grocery store or whatever.

Back into the house, sit at the computer and start looking for a garage door repair company to come fix it. You type in Garage Door Repair Canton Ga. into your search engine and the results are over whelming. You are not really in the mood to do a lot of research, you just want to find a good company to come fix your garage door.

This is a very common occurrence when doing a search online. When you keyed in your keyword to look for a garage door repair company in Canton a lot of what you see is junk. After all you just want to see local companies. You’ll see results for referral sites like Angies List, Yellow Pages, Kudzu, and others that you know that if you use them you will have to join their site or have to wait the time for one of them to email you back.

How can homeowners in Canton Ga. or any other city look at the search results and get the garage door company they are looking for? This can take a little bit of investigating looking at websites and trying to figure out which one is truly local or a large or national company operating in the area. One quick way to tell is there is a Toll Free number, or if there are several numbers listed with each number being designated to a city, then there is a good chance that the company is located out of town. Another clue is the website is rather large with a lot of information or has a cluttered look.

How do you choose? One way is the first few listings just under the three paid listings at the very top. These are what Google calls places or maps listings. These are actual business that Google has verified to be truly local companies. They have a Google + profile page that has been owner verified, has a link to their website and has a place for you to leave comments after you have used the company.

The most reliable source for a service company is of course word-of-mouth. Having a neighbor, friend or family member who has good success with a company is probably the best way to go.

Identifying Garage Door Spring Problems and Fixing Them


Garage Door Springs are one of the most important components of your garage door. They need to have regular maintenance and repairs to ensure they continue to work properly and safely. If you are encountering issues with your garage door, look at your springs first. If your garage door has been squeaky(and door lubricants are not helping), or if your garage door isn’t operating smoothly, chances are your springs are in need of some repairs. You may also need to consider Garage Door Spring Replacement if you have an older garage door and your springs are showing wear. Another way to test your springs is to manually try to open the garage door. If it is not operating smoothly when doing this, it needs to be looked at by a professional.
When you are having issues with your garage door springs, contacting a professional is the best way to go. You may turn to a phone book or internet search engine to find a repair specialist. Another way to find a good company is referrals from neighbors or family members. In order to ensure you are finding a reputable company, there are some factors to consider. While there are many companies out there to choose from, it is best to look for a company with a lot of experience, as they have probably seen any issues with a garage door that you can think of. They will be most reliable in fixing your garage doors springs so that they are functioning properly and safely again. When looking for a company to perform the repair, see if they offer any type of guarantees or warranties on their work.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your garage door spring, Call Us at 770-720-7828 or book an appointment for one of our technicians to come take a look them. Serving the North Metro Atlanta area.

Garage Door Repair In Woodstock Ga


Carriage Garage Door Installation with Stockton Windows

Home owners living in Woodstock Georgia that have a need for reliable service company to repair their broken garage door springs might not know who to turn to. Word of mouth recommendations for service companies is probably the best way to get reliable companies for service. These recommendations most often come from fellow neighbors living in the same neighborhood, some come from family members. Referrals like these are the most reliable because of the trust factor, often times the friends/relatives have already screened companies and have had good results with them.

The other way is doing online searches. Keying in the phrase Garage Door Spring Replacement Woodstock ga into your search engine of choice will return many favorable results. Looking for results in the search for truly local companies will require some careful research on the home owners part. Attention must be paid to the URL results under the titles will give you an accurate understanding of the companies true location. Picking 3 or 4 companies and calling the to ask for their location and service area is an excellent way to pin point good companies.

If you or a neighbor have a garage door need, give Us a call  at 770-720-7828 or use our convenient online booking form.


What To Do When Your Garage Door Breaks

Arriving home after a long day at work is the worst time to discover that the garage doors won’t open and the car cannot be parked in the garage for the night. However, this scenario is typical of a garage door malfunction, and it is important to know what to do next. For security reasons, as well as protection from the weather, it is important to get the doors fixed as soon as possible. Finding the right Garage Door Repair business is not as simple as it may sound.
A google search will, of course, yield a barrage of garage door companies. Simply picking one and calling is not the way to insure that the garage door is properly fixed, however. There are certain qualifications that are vital to selecting the right company to repair the doors. A company that is local, has experienced help and a good reputation is the one to look for.
To locate the perfect repair business for any garage door, it is helpful if you know what, specifically, has broken on the door. That way it can be included in the words of a search to narrow the search and insure that the company selected can, in fact, repair or replace the part or mechanism in question.
The second thing to specify in a search online for a Garage Door Repair business is a location. If the location (city or town) where the door in need of repair is not included in search terms, it is not likely that the businesses listed in the search results will be useful, since they won’t be local.
So, an effective search might look like this: garage door repair motor marietta ga This indicates that garage door repair is needed, specifically the motor, and that the needed repair is located in marietta ga.
Now suppose this search is plugged into a google search bar. Results will pop up, but it is still important to know how to choose the right company. The results at the top of the page, usually highlighted, and those that are vertically placed along the side are paid listings, and are unlikely to be local. Looking below, the next several listings will be free listings of companies that google has screened for, and, again, may or may not be local. Skipping down 10 or 12 of these google-chosen listings will be the listings that actually reflect the words of the search that was plugged in to the search bar.
Among these choices there are still criteria that need to be present in the listing to warrant giving that company a call. Paying attention to the portion of each listing that is in green lettering (these are the urls and usually contain the name of the company) will lead to the actual company websites. Now is the time to look for 1) how long the company has been in operation 2) how experienced the employees are in repairing garage doors 3) what the exact range of services of this company is.
Once a company has been found which has been in business for a long time, has an experienced and well-trained staff and offers a good range of garage door services (including the specific repair needed), it is a good bet that selecting this company is the right choice to make.

Our New Web Site is Live!

Our new web site went live online this past weekend. Covenant Garage Doors & Openers took on the daunting task of doing a major restructure to our web site to ensure that it would be compliant to the new rules that the major search engines are implementing.

After giving a good bit of thought to the layout and new rules that the search engines like Google, Yahoo/Bing and others are imposing on web sites to ensure that customer search results are matching what they are wanting, we decided that a major overhaul to the layout, content, coding was needed.
To assist us in this task, we looked at several web developers for this and decided to contract with Webforge, LLC.

Webforge did an extensive interview with us to determine what we were looking for in a new layout, the demographics, fresh content and most importantly ensure that all new search engine rules were followed.

What resulted is a new web site that we are very exited about. It is bright, easy to navigate, has fresh and informative content that will all help the homeowner that is needing garage door repairs or replacements. It has content links to all the major manufacturers that we represent so that the homeowners can do more extensive and detailed research to their needs.

Take a look at it at

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Garage Door Problems Are Effected By Cooler Temps.

It’s is once again that time of the year when the are drops in temperatures ushering the fall season. These days where the daytime temps. are in the 70’s and the night temps drop into the 50’s and even in the upper 40’s, this can cause metal parts on garage doors that are fatigued and have weak places to fail.

One of these are the garage door springs.

The garage door springs provide the counterbalance the weight of the door so that it can easily be lifted either by hand or with a garage door opener. The springs are either pulling or twisting this weight 6 to 8 to 10 times a day or more. This is the main factor causing metal fatigue or a weak spot in a point along the spring. When the cool weather comes in and there is a sudden drop in temperatures, the one of the other factors causing metal fatigue, temperature and humidity, comes into play. Basically, the result is a broken spring.

When the springs do break, there is a violent release of the tension that is on the spring, This violent release and shaking is often transferred to other parts of the door like the cable system. If there happens to also be a weak spot in the cable system, the combination of cool temps. with wear from metal fatigue, and the shaking from the release of the spring tension, there often times will be break points along the strands of cable will also appear.  The end result is a door that will not open but also have seriously worn parts.

This where the need of the homeowner to call on a garage door repair company that is experienced and well qualified to handle this situation of correctly replacing the garage door springs and worn parts. Garage Door springs must be engineered to several factors. There also must be an inspection of the other parts of the garage door, like the cable system as well as the bottom brackets where the cables attach to the door itself, the rollers, hinges bearings, etc. to ensure that they too are not worn and can continue to function properly. There needs to be an inspection of the garage door opener as well. As the springs age, they weaken and the garage door slowly becomes heavier. This additional weight is transferred to the garage door opener causing it to work harder to lift the door. If the opener is not set within the safety limits and it continues to lift a garage door that is becoming heavier with each use, severe wear and tear will occur to the opener. If you have the Liftmaster brand of opener, liftmasters use a plastic main gear assembly in their openers and the additional weight from a worn spring will wear the gears out.

Homeowners should carefully research garage door companies to ensure that they are experienced, qualified and are recommended the various websites to repair your garage door and openers properly. Covenant Garage Doors proudly partners with several websites that are promoting our company to homeowners. They are:
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About Garage Door Springs

One of the most common and hard working garage door parts is also one of the most widely overlooked parts of a garage door system. Often times, people do not think about garage door springs at all until one breaks . In this blog we will be discussing garage door springs, types of garage door springs and what they do.

What do garage door springs do?

Garage door springs counter balance the weight of garage doors so that they can be opened by hand or with a garage door opener.

Types of garage door springs

There are two basic types of garage door springs : extension springs, and torsion springs.

Extension springs – Extension springs are traditionally used on smaller, lighter doors. Typically, these smaller doors are between 8-9 feet wide.

Extension springs are easily identified in that they are mounted on the outside of the horizontal garage door track. These springs are considered to be the most dangerous of the two types of springs simply because they are exposed. This makes it much easier to get fingers caught in the coils or even into the cables. If these springs are not properly installed with safety cables, when the break, they can violently fly down hitting who or what is under the garage door.

Torsion Springs – These springs are confined and mounted to a tube which is located out of the way and above the garage door. Torsion springs are the safest of the two types of garage door springs and can be used on any door. Because of their more remote location, and due to the fact that they are mounted on a tube, there is less chance of being injured by them.

How can you tell that your garage door springs are weak and getting ready to break?

Usually when the garage door gets extremely heavy to lift by hand, that is a sign that the springs are not working well.

A good way to test your springs is to disconnect your garage door from the garage door opener. Then, grab the door by hand and lift it to waist high. You should be able to let it go, and the door should sit there in that position, or very slowly descend to the ground. It should never slam to the ground. If your door does quickly go back down, it is time to get your springs replaced.

What happens if you have a garage door opener and you use it to operate your door when you have bad or broken springs?

If you find that your garage door springs are going bad or have broken completely and you still use your door with your garage door opener it can cause severe damage to your opener. It can overload your opener causing it to strip out the main gears in your opener unit, and sometimes it can even burn up your garage door opener motor.When this goes long enough, your opener can quit altogether making it very difficult and even impossible to open your door.

If one of the springs break on a garage door is it okay to just replace the broken spring or do I have to replace both?

Garage door springs work evenly together in pairs, so they also wear evenly in pairs. If one garage door spring breaks, you can bet that the other isn’t too far behind. It is for this reason that Covenant Garage Doors recommends that you replace springs in pairs for safety reasons and so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of replacing them individually. Besides, when a technician replaces springs, he has to disassemble everything to put up the new spring, so it just makes more sense to have him do both while he has everything apart.

Can’t you just repair a broken spring rather than replace it entirely?

Some companies do offer to just repair a broken spring rather than swap it out for a new one, but this is actually really dangerous. Broken springs are due to metal fatigue, the metal gets weak and then it breaks. When a company ‘repairs’ your old spring rather than replacing it, they are taking your broken spring with it’s fatigued metal and reattaching the broken parts with a coupling. It is really easy for a repaired spring to simply break again.

Why Use Us To Repair Your Garage Door?

Well, in a nutshell, experience. The first garage door that I ever worked on was in December 1977. It was a one piece metal swing door that we in the industry call a “Shin Buster” door. As of this writing that’s 34 years ago. The first 15 years I worked on garage doors part time, then in 1995, I started working on them full time. With 34 years of experience means that there is probably not a garage door repair issue that I haven’t seen before. Many a time I have replaced broken springs, reset doors, diagnosed garage door problems and installed new garage doors. Give me a call with the confidence that your garage door or garage door opener problem will be repaired and repaired correctly. 770-720-7828 or visit our web site at