Getting Accurate Google Searches for Garage Door Companies – Part 2

In my last blog post, I gave you general guide lines for doing accurate searches on the internet for locating a garage door company in your area. Today, I want to focus on sorting out the results that the search engines present to you so that you are choosing a good reputable, local company.

To quickly summarize, you are needing to get your garage door repaired and you sit at your computer and have keyed in what you need and where you are located into the search engine. In this example you are looking for, garage door repair in Marietta Ga. You are then presented what the search engine believes are your needs based on what you keyed in and a list of criteria that the search engine requires of the companies that are listing their business with the search engine.

Again, in the example since Google controls most of the search results on the internet, I will focus on how they display results to you. As you look at the page, you are presented with results that at first can be rather confusing. In the page structure, the very top of the page are 3 listings that are in a high lighted area. To the very right side of the page are a list of 8 results going vertical on the page. These 3 at the top and the ones on the right side are “paid” or “sponsored” listings. These are companies who pay a fee to be listed in these positions. Most of these companies are not truly local companies.

In the center portion of the page are 10 to 14 listings that are called organic listings or free listings for the companies. These listings are the ones that Google is supposed to have stringent rules for the companies to appear. As you look, you will see that the first 3 or 4 listings look differently than the rest underneath them. These 3 to 4 are called places listings. These are companies that are supposedly are local business that have been verified to be truly local companies. These companies may not be truly local.

Underneath these are the other listings of companies based on your search terms you entered to look for a company. Each listing has different parts to give you a brief description of the company:

The top part that has blue lettering: This is what the company does based on what you keyed in. This can be the company name plus description and even the city.

Next should be the company URL or web address: This will be listed with smaller, green lettering. This will often times be the company name plus what the web page is showing. Google really has no way to control this part as these are often purchased by the companies from other places. Sometimes the URL can be what the company does and not who they are.

Next, Is a short description of what the company does: This can be broad and general and mostly is based on what the company is listing for that particular page that is listed.

As you look at these listings, focus on the ones that are the green URL listings as they are the company names and these mostly are the ones you want to make your selection from. Some of these are referral companies that are compiling listings of garage door companies and you have to go their web site and join them with a membership to see the listings.
If you will look at the ones that are the actual company names in the green lettered section then you pretty much are going directly to the actual company. There is a good chance that the companies listed are actual local companies.

In my next blog I am going to do something that is highly unusual and probably never done before. I am going to give you a list of the good garage door companies here in the Metro Atlanta area to make it easy for you to choose.

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Garage Door Problems Are Effected By Cooler Temps.

It’s is once again that time of the year when the are drops in temperatures ushering the fall season. These days where the daytime temps. are in the 70’s and the night temps drop into the 50’s and even in the upper 40’s, this can cause metal parts on garage doors that are fatigued and have weak places to fail.

One of these are the garage door springs.

The garage door springs provide the counterbalance the weight of the door so that it can easily be lifted either by hand or with a garage door opener. The springs are either pulling or twisting this weight 6 to 8 to 10 times a day or more. This is the main factor causing metal fatigue or a weak spot in a point along the spring. When the cool weather comes in and there is a sudden drop in temperatures, the one of the other factors causing metal fatigue, temperature and humidity, comes into play. Basically, the result is a broken spring.

When the springs do break, there is a violent release of the tension that is on the spring, This violent release and shaking is often transferred to other parts of the door like the cable system. If there happens to also be a weak spot in the cable system, the combination of cool temps. with wear from metal fatigue, and the shaking from the release of the spring tension, there often times will be break points along the strands of cable will also appear.  The end result is a door that will not open but also have seriously worn parts.

This where the need of the homeowner to call on a garage door repair company that is experienced and well qualified to handle this situation of correctly replacing the garage door springs and worn parts. Garage Door springs must be engineered to several factors. There also must be an inspection of the other parts of the garage door, like the cable system as well as the bottom brackets where the cables attach to the door itself, the rollers, hinges bearings, etc. to ensure that they too are not worn and can continue to function properly. There needs to be an inspection of the garage door opener as well. As the springs age, they weaken and the garage door slowly becomes heavier. This additional weight is transferred to the garage door opener causing it to work harder to lift the door. If the opener is not set within the safety limits and it continues to lift a garage door that is becoming heavier with each use, severe wear and tear will occur to the opener. If you have the Liftmaster brand of opener, liftmasters use a plastic main gear assembly in their openers and the additional weight from a worn spring will wear the gears out.

Homeowners should carefully research garage door companies to ensure that they are experienced, qualified and are recommended the various websites to repair your garage door and openers properly. Covenant Garage Doors proudly partners with several websites that are promoting our company to homeowners. They are:
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About Garage Door Springs

One of the most common and hard working garage door parts is also one of the most widely overlooked parts of a garage door system. Often times, people do not think about garage door springs at all until one breaks . In this blog we will be discussing garage door springs, types of garage door springs and what they do.

What do garage door springs do?

Garage door springs counter balance the weight of garage doors so that they can be opened by hand or with a garage door opener.

Types of garage door springs

There are two basic types of garage door springs : extension springs, and torsion springs.

Extension springs – Extension springs are traditionally used on smaller, lighter doors. Typically, these smaller doors are between 8-9 feet wide.

Extension springs are easily identified in that they are mounted on the outside of the horizontal garage door track. These springs are considered to be the most dangerous of the two types of springs simply because they are exposed. This makes it much easier to get fingers caught in the coils or even into the cables. If these springs are not properly installed with safety cables, when the break, they can violently fly down hitting who or what is under the garage door.

Torsion Springs – These springs are confined and mounted to a tube which is located out of the way and above the garage door. Torsion springs are the safest of the two types of garage door springs and can be used on any door. Because of their more remote location, and due to the fact that they are mounted on a tube, there is less chance of being injured by them.

How can you tell that your garage door springs are weak and getting ready to break?

Usually when the garage door gets extremely heavy to lift by hand, that is a sign that the springs are not working well.

A good way to test your springs is to disconnect your garage door from the garage door opener. Then, grab the door by hand and lift it to waist high. You should be able to let it go, and the door should sit there in that position, or very slowly descend to the ground. It should never slam to the ground. If your door does quickly go back down, it is time to get your springs replaced.

What happens if you have a garage door opener and you use it to operate your door when you have bad or broken springs?

If you find that your garage door springs are going bad or have broken completely and you still use your door with your garage door opener it can cause severe damage to your opener. It can overload your opener causing it to strip out the main gears in your opener unit, and sometimes it can even burn up your garage door opener motor.When this goes long enough, your opener can quit altogether making it very difficult and even impossible to open your door.

If one of the springs break on a garage door is it okay to just replace the broken spring or do I have to replace both?

Garage door springs work evenly together in pairs, so they also wear evenly in pairs. If one garage door spring breaks, you can bet that the other isn’t too far behind. It is for this reason that Covenant Garage Doors recommends that you replace springs in pairs for safety reasons and so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of replacing them individually. Besides, when a technician replaces springs, he has to disassemble everything to put up the new spring, so it just makes more sense to have him do both while he has everything apart.

Can’t you just repair a broken spring rather than replace it entirely?

Some companies do offer to just repair a broken spring rather than swap it out for a new one, but this is actually really dangerous. Broken springs are due to metal fatigue, the metal gets weak and then it breaks. When a company ‘repairs’ your old spring rather than replacing it, they are taking your broken spring with it’s fatigued metal and reattaching the broken parts with a coupling. It is really easy for a repaired spring to simply break again.

Today Covenant Garage Doors announced the next change in their rotating advertising themes, “Educating the Public”

This is a process by instructing the consumer and making them aware of issues that occur within the garage door industry that will help them in their decision process.
“This is done on multiple levels where we have a contact with the consumer,” James Thomas, general manager of Covenant Garage Doors was recently quoted. He continued, “Our first contact with the consumer in almost all cases is the telephone when they first call our office, secondly is the contact when the technician is at their home. Most consumers are trained through experience or word of mouth to be cautious and aware that there are a lot of unscrupulous people running business out there and these businesses are aware of this attitude of the consumer and they have developed some pretty good skills in misleading the consumer.”
Consumers are given quickly an education of the functions of the garage door or opener, expectations of these operations, and long they should last. The garage door springs are a great example of this.
Garage door torsion springs, if engineered correctly to the door typically last about 10,000 cycles. A cycle is one open and closing of the garage door,” Thomas explained. “Under normal operation the homeowner should expect the springs to last anywhere from 7 to 10 years if they are engineered properly.”
Having this type of information is what the consumer needs to make better decisions in having their garage door repaired or replaced.
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