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Garage door repair is one of our most requested and performed services. For many families, the garage door is the most frequently used door in their home! Many people assume they need a whole new garage door when they run into problems with theirs, but that isn’t the case! Many times, your existing garage door can be repaired. Some issues that can be repaired include broken springs, broken cables, damaged photo eyes, electrical issues, standard wear and tear, or track issues. Generally speaking, it is easier and more cost efficient for you to repair your existing garage door rather than replace it.

You may be tempted to try and repair your garage door yourself. In most cases, this is not a great idea for several reasons. If you’re not a trained garage door repair professional, you could unintentionally cause further damage to your garage door or your home, which could end up costing you thousands more in necessary repairs. Its also not a good idea for safety reasons. Garage doors are incredibly heavy and are made up of many moving mechanical components. In trying to repair your door yourself, you could possibly seriously injure yourself.

At Covenant Garage Doors, we can repair all makes and models of garage doors. After being in business for 23 years, there isn’t anything we haven’t encountered. Our goal is to arrive at every job with all of the parts necessary to service and repair any garage door of all major brands. This way, we can fix your garage door correctly on our first visit and get your home back in working order quickly. Having a broken garage door can be extremely frustrating, especially if your car is stuck inside! At Covenant Garage Doors, we offer quick and excellent customer service with quality solutions and friendly technicians. After a visit from us, your garage door will continue to function properly for years to come.

Although your garage door is just another door to your home, its a very complex door that is made up of many moving parts. While garage doors are built to be sturdy, durable, and long lasting, they aren’t made to last forever. Some of the components of your door may occasionally break and need to be repaired. Garage doors are, essentially, large machines that will face normal wear and tear over time. When one part breaks, it is often a sign that other parts may be damaged or worn out as well. We provide expert advice and an honest assessment of the repair work that needs to be done. Our business is locally and family owned and operated so you can trust us to be completely upfront and honest with you.

If your garage door is making loud noises, screeching sounds, jerking movements, shows signs of excessive shaking, or isn’t opening or closing at all, contact us at Covenant Garage Doors today for an inspection. If you ignore the warning signs that your garage door may be in need of some repairs, other components of the door could break as well leading to additional necessary repairs. Because the mechanical components of your garage door are all meant to work in conjunction together, ignoring an ailing component can lead to the others failing also. Having a properly working garage door is important to the integrity of your home and the safety of your family and your car. An improperly functioning garage door could possibly cause damage to your home or fall suddenly.

Some additional problems that could be plaguing your garage door can include:

  • Broken springs
  • Damaged sections and panels
  • Sporadic movement
  • Jammed openers
  • Door off the track
  • Broken garage door cables
  • Bent and broken garage rollers
  • Track that is misaligned, rusted, or bent
  • Squeaky door rails or tracks
  • Garage door hardware replacement
  • Excessive noise

Another component of your garage door that may need repairs is your garage door opener. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to leave and having a malfunctioning garage door opener! Your car may be stuck in the garage or you may not be able to get the door to close once you’ve pulled out. Your garage door opener is a complex system made up of many different parts including pulleys, motors, and chains. These parts all work together to make sure that your garage door opens and closes for you each time you press a button. A malfunctioning part can cause frustration for you and, if left unaddressed, can cause further damage to your garage door. At Covenant Garage Doors, our knowledgeable team of technicians can diagnose and repair and problems that may be causing your garage door opener to malfunction.

At Covenant Garage Doors, we offer high quality garage door repair and garage door opener repair for clients all over metro Atlanta. With over twenty years of experience in the garage door industry, you can count on us to diagnose your problem correctly and get your garage door or garage door opener functioning properly again quickly. We’ve been providing the highest quality service and products to our clients for two decades. If you’re in need of garage door repair, contact us today!

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