The Garage Door Check List Every Homeowner Should Have

  As a homeowner, you are learning quickly that consistent maintenance is required to keep your home up and running. One of the greatest ways to cut down these costs in the future is [...]


Garage Door Maintenance Keeps Your Garage Door Running

In a nut shell: most garage door maintenance problems can be avoided with the home owner performing simple lubrication. When I repair a garage door, I always include an annual service and tune up [...]


Garage Door Parts, Know What To Look For

The above photos were from a customer who called us out to repair their garage door. When I arrived at the customer’s location, I inspected the door and discovered that the previous company [...]


A Comment About Garage Door Recycling

Garage door systems in the homes we service contain a variety and volume of metals. They are manufactured this way to maintain a durable and long lasting life but they eventually wear out and [...]


Garage Doors, That’s All We Do, Nothing Else.

While I was at one my suppliers the other day, another garage door company pulled up and I noticed that they had changed the color and lettering for their company on their truck. Closer [...]


The Use of Wooden Garage Doors

If you have the mindset that if you’ve seen one garage door you seen them all, you may want to reconsider that point of view. The reality is that garage doors are not only utilitarian, but with [...]


Make Sure the Garage Door is Open Before Backing Out!

We wont say who but we’ve had to service a number of these in the past. Everyone has one of those days where they wake up and time seems to be working against them. Maybe the alarm clock [...]


Garage Door Repair and Installation

Investing in top quality products for your home or business is important.  Repairing, replacing or installing a new garage door can be a big investment. It’s important to search for a company in [...]


The Importance of Balancing Garage Doors

Continuous wear through years of use, or even recent garage door repairs that weren't completed properly, can result in your garage door being off balance. As the name dictates this is a bad [...]


Garage Door Repair Canton Georgia

Like thousands of other people, you get in your car this morning and hit the garage door remote to open the garage door to leave and nothing. Maybe you did not hit the button long enough so you [...]

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